Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Confession #62 - Older but Wiser, Maybe not...

Recently I've received some harsh criticism from some more mature Christian ladies that kinda hurt my feelings a bit.  Although I knew when I first published my blog that it wasn't for all audiences, honestly I didn't think that within the community of Christians there would be such harsh backlash.  And this backlash coming from mature ladies who's job within the kingdom it is to nurture and help mold the younger, was, quite frankly, shocking to me.

I took my sorrow to the King and here's what He so graciously showed me.  They may be older, but perhaps not wiser.  God brought me to Job chapters 32-37. If you need a refresher, basically, Job was given by God over to Satan to test his faith.  God allowed Job to walk through the loss of his children, his fortune and his health.  His wife told him to curse God and die. (Job 2:9)  Just before these chapters we read the words spoken by Job's friends, supposedly older and wiser men who basically ripped Job to shreds.  They criticized him and made him feel worse for his troubles.  Then in chapter 32 begins the speech of Elihu a younger man, who admits that he waited for the rest to speak.  He gave them all the courtesy of giving their opinions and advice to their suffering friend, but then he lets loose disagreeing with Job's older friends and criticizing Job for calling himself righteous compared to God himself.

Some biblical commentaries I read on these chapters categorize Elihu with the rest of Jobs terrible friends, but He is not mentioned in the end of the chapter as receiving the same punishment from God for their horrible words to Job.  Elihu was not asked to offer the same sacrifice of atonement these other men were.  And when God finally speaks to Job he seems to confirm most of what Elihu just said.  The older friends didn't have the best advice for Job, regardless of their experience in life and their "knowledge" of God.

I believe that wisdom is God inspired knowledge.  You know that feeling you get in your gut that tells you something is right or wrong.  That inspiration you feel when you read a passage of scripture that seems to speak to your very situation.  How God seems to give you the exact interpretation you need.  That loving friend that comes and shares something biblical with you that changes your whole perspective.  A word you hear from an everyday circumstance that instantly educates you in what you'd been asking of the Lord all along.  The take-away that seemingly only you got from the sermon on Sunday.  That's God speaking to us, He uses it all and I believe that's wisdom.  You can be as experienced and as learned as they come, but without real wisdom, be as clueless as Clouseau.  

Coming to realize that you can't please everyone is defiantly a difficult lesson to learn, and truthfully all I really care about is pleasing God.  I am not as learned as some of my fellow Christian writers, but I don't remember too many of the biblical heroes being as educated either.  I do know the bible.  I may not know it to the depths that some others have been fortunate enough to study, but God has inspired me through the Holy Spirit to write what I do and therefore, I obey.  If women are blessed then it doesn't matter what others may say, think or write about it, all that matters is that I listened to God.  Perhaps because I did, others will be blessed and inspired.

Ladies, don't be too put off with what others may say or think of you.  If you know you're doing it for the right reasons and that God told you to do it, then rest assured you are wise in your choices.  And sometimes because of that, you may be criticized.  Stay strong in the faith my friends, God is with you!

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord thank you that you are my great encourager.  Thank you for inspiring me to follow your lead to minister to women.  I pray that more hearts are reached everyday through my writings and this blog.  I pray that the direction I lead them is into your arms Dear Lord.  Please continue to instill your wisdom within me and for my sisters-in-Christ who wish to do your will as well.  Bless us Father as we gratefully serve you our King.  In Jesus' name I pray.  AMEN.

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